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 Acronym Category Meaning
DUVChemistry AcronymsDeep Ultraviolet
DUVASChemistry AcronymsDerivative Ultraviolet Absorption Spectrometer
DUVPLChemistry AcronymsDeep Ultraviolet Projection Lithography
DVNASA AcronymsDesignated Verification
DVNASA AcronymsDesignee For Verification
DVNASA AcronymsDifferential Velocity
DVSCUBA Diving AcronymsDemand Valve
DVUncategorized AcronymsDaily Value (FDA Food Guide) - Deo Volente (Latin
DVUncategorized AcronymsDhivehi Language (ISO 639-1 Code)
DVComputer Acronyms (Common)Digital Video
DV-X(ALPHA)Chemistry AcronymsDiscrete Variational-x(alpha) (statistical Exchange Correlation)
DVBChemistry AcronymsDiagrammatic Valence Bond (in Study Of Electronic Properties)
DVC-FISHChemistry AcronymsDirect Viable Count-fluorescent In Situ Hybridization
DVDChemistry AcronymsDigital Video Disk
DVDNASA AcronymsDelta Velocity Display
DVDUncategorized AcronymsDigital Versatile Disk (was Digital Video Disk)
DVDComputer Acronyms (Common)Digital Versatile Disc
DVDComputer And Internet AcronymsDigital Versatile (Video) Disc
DVD+RComputer Acronyms (Common)Digital Versatile Disc Recordable
DVD+RWComputer Acronyms (Common)Digital Versatile Disk Rewritable
DVD+RWComputer And Internet AcronymsDigital Versatile (Video) Disc + Read/Write
DVD-RComputer Acronyms (Common)Digital Versatile Disc Recordable
DVD-RAMComputer Acronyms (Common)Digital Versatile Disc Random Access Memory
DVD-RAMComputer And Internet AcronymsDigital Versatile (Video) Disc - Random Access Memory
DVD-ROMComputer And Internet AcronymsDigital Versatile (Video) Disc - Read Only Memory
DVD-RWComputer Acronyms (Common)Digital Versatile Disk Rewritable
DVIChemistry AcronymsDust Veil Index
DVIComputer Acronyms (Common)Digital Video Interface
DVIComputer And Internet AcronymsDigital Video Interactive
DVLCUncategorized AcronymsUK Driver And Vehicle Licencing Centre
DVMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDigital Voltmeter
DVMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDynamic Vegetation Model
DVMChemistry AcronymsDiscrete Variational Method
DVMNASA AcronymsDigital Voltmeter
DVMUncategorized AcronymsDecessit Vita Matris (Latin
DVMUncategorized AcronymsDoctor Of Veterinary Medicine
DVMOChemistry AcronymsDirected-valence Molecular Orbital
DVOUncategorized AcronymsDirect View Optics
DVPUncategorized AcronymsDecessit Vita Patris (Latin
DVRChemistry AcronymsDiscrete Variable Representation (in Wave Function Calcn.)
DVRComputer Acronyms (Common)Digital Video Recorder
DVR-REVChemistry AcronymsDiscrete Variable Representation-ray Eigenvector
DVSNASA AcronymsDesign Verification Specification
DVSNASA AcronymsDigital Voice System
DVSUS Military AcronymsDoppler Velocity Sensor
DVTChemistry AcronymsDeep Vein Thrombosis
DVTMedical AcronymsDeep Vein Thrombosis
DVTNASA AcronymsDesign Verification Testing
DVUUncategorized AcronymsDecessit Vita Uxoris (Latin
DWChemistry AcronymsDangerous Waste
DWChemistry AcronymsDry Weight
DWNASA AcronymsData Word
DWUncategorized AcronymsDrum Workshop
DWAChemistry AcronymsDigital Waveform Acquisition
DWAChemistry AcronymsDistorted Wave Approximation
DWBAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsLibrary
DWBAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDevelopers Workbench
DWBAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsLibrary
DWBSMS Chat And Text AcronymsDon't Write Back
DWBText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsDon't Write Back
DWB2Chemistry AcronymsSecond-order Distorted-wave Born
DWBAChemistry AcronymsDistorted-wave Born Approxn.
DWBA3(3DWBA)Chemistry AcronymsThree-body Distorted-wave Born Approximation
DWBCChemistry AcronymsDeep Western Boundary Current
DWBEChemistry AcronymsDistorted-wave Born (approxn. With) Exchange
DWBHText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsDon't Worry, Be Happy
DWCChemistry AcronymsDeasphalted Whole Crude
DWCDSChemistry AcronymsDrinking Water Criteria Documents
DWDMChemistry AcronymsDense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
DWDMComputer And Internet AcronymsDense Wave Division Multiplexing
DWEChemistry AcronymsDistorted-wave (approxn. With) Exchange
DWELChemistry AcronymsDrinking Water Equivalent Level
DWESChemistry AcronymsDistorted-wave Energy Sudden (for Inelastic Mol. Collisions)
DWFBAChemistry AcronymsDistorted-wave First-order Born Approximation
DWGNASA AcronymsDrawing
DWGUncategorized AcronymsDivisional Wargame (military Simulation)
DWINASA AcronymsData Word In
DWIUncategorized AcronymsDance With Intensity - Danish West Indies - Diffusion-weighted Imaging - Direct Water Injection - Disaster Welfare Inquiry - Drinking Water Inspectorate - Driving While Intoxicated/Impaired
DWIText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsDriving While Intoxicated
DWIAChemistry AcronymsDistorted-wave Impulse Approximation
DWIMUncategorized AcronymsDo What I Mean
DWIOSChemistry AcronymsDistorted Wave Infinite Order Sudden Approximation
DWMChemistry AcronymsDistorted Wave Method
DWNUS Military AcronymsDown
DWNLDUS Military AcronymsDownload
DWPChemistry AcronymsDynamic Wet Pressure
DWPBusiness And FinanceDepartment For Work And Pensions
DWPAMedical Acronyms (Slang)Death / Dying With Paramedic Assistance
DWPEChemistry AcronymsDistorted-wave (with) Polarization (and) Exchange
DWPFChemistry AcronymsDefense Waste Processing Facility
DWPIChemistry AcronymsDerwent World Patents Index
DWPKOTLText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsDeep Wet Passionate Kiss On The Lips
DWPLChemistry AcronymsDrinking Water Priority List
DWPOChemistry AcronymsDistorted Wave Polarized Orbital
DWRDChemistry AcronymsDrinking Water Research Division (EPA)
DWRFChemistry AcronymsDrinking Water Research Foundation
DWSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDropwindsonde
DWSChemistry AcronymsDebris Washing System
DWSChemistry AcronymsDiffusing-wave Spectroscopy
DWSChemistry AcronymsDrinking Water Standard

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