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 Acronym Category Meaning
DRLAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsData Requirements List
DRLUncategorized AcronymsDaytime Running Lights - Dorman Roberts Ltd.
DRLFPChemistry AcronymsDiffuse Reflectance Laser Flash Photolysis
DRLMSUS Military AcronymsDigital Radar Landmass Simulator
DRMUncategorized AcronymsDigital Rights Management
DRMComputer Acronyms (Common)Digital Rights Management
DRMChemistry AcronymsDepositional Remanent Magnetization
DRMNASA AcronymsData Records Management
DRMNASA AcronymsDesign Reference Mission
DRMNASA AcronymsDrawing Requirements Manual
DRMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDesign Reference Mission
DRMOUS Military AcronymsDefense Reutilization & Marketing Office
DRMSUncategorized Acronyms(U.S.) Defense Revitalization And Marketing Service
DRMSUS Govt. AcronymsDefense Reutilization And Marketing Service
DRMSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsData Record Management System
DRNNASA AcronymsDrain
DROChemistry AcronymsDiesel-range Organics
DRONASA AcronymsDocument Release Order
DROGNASA AcronymsDrogue
DROTAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDirect Read Out Terminal
DRPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDesign Review Presentation
DRPChemistry AcronymsDeutsches Reichpatent
DRPChemistry AcronymsDense Random Packing
DRPChemistry AcronymsDissolved Reactive Phosphorus
DRPChemistry AcronymsDynamic Reaction Path
DRPAChemistry AcronymsDirect Random Phase Approximation
DRPNAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDivision De Recherche En Precision Numerique
DRPRUncategorized AcronymsDrawing Practices
DRRNASA AcronymsData Recorder/Reproducer
DRRNASA AcronymsDesign Requirements Review
DRRBUS Military AcronymsData Requirements Review Board
DRRSUS Military AcronymsDrawing Research And Request Subsystem
DRSUS Military AcronymsDoppler Radar System
DRSChemistry AcronymsDielectric Relaxation Spectroscopy
DRSChemistry AcronymsDiffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy
DRSChemistry AcronymsDirect Recoil Spectroscopy
DRSChemistry AcronymsDissolved Reactive Silicate
DRSNASA AcronymsData Relay Satellite
DRSNASA AcronymsData Relay Station
DRSNASA AcronymsDigital Range Safety
DRSSNASA AcronymsDiscrepancy Report SquawkSheet
DRSSAstronomy AcronymsDATA Relay Satellite System
DRTNASA AcronymsDesign Reference Timeline
DRTUncategorized AcronymsDocument Related Technologies
DRTUS Military AcronymsDead Reckoning Tracer
DRTMedical Acronyms (Slang)Dead Right There (patient Dead At Scene Of Accident)
DRTSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsData Relay And Tracking Satellite
DRTTTTMedical Acronyms (Slang)Dead Right There, There, There And There (patient Dead And In Multiple Parts At Scene Of Accident)
DRUUS Army Acronyms (Official)Direct Reporting Unit
DRUCNASA AcronymsDisposition Record Unsatisfactory Condition
DRUMChemistry AcronymsDavis Rotating-drum Universal-size-cut Monitoring [cascade Impactor] Sampler
DRY-MAPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsMesoscale Alpine Project
DSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsLightning Detection Systems
DSChemistry AcronymsDry Solids
DSNASA AcronymsData Storage
DSUncategorized AcronymsDear Son (increasingly Prevalent On Social Mailing Lists
DSUncategorized AcronymsDarmstadtium
DSUS Military AcronymsDefense System
DS&NASA AcronymsR Data Storage And Retrieval
DS-1Atmospheric Research Center AcronymsDigital Signal 1
DSAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDirectory System Agent
DSAChemistry AcronymsDoppler Shift Attenuation
DSAChemistry AcronymsDigital Subtraction Angiography
DSAChemistry AcronymsDimensionally Stable Anode
DSAChemistry AcronymsDynamic Simulated Annealing (for Electronic Structure In Liq.metals)
DSAChemistry AcronymsDynamic Strain Aging
DSANASA AcronymsDefense Supply Agency
DSAUncategorized Acronyms(U.S.) Defense Support Activities - Division Support Area
DSA-EOMChemistry AcronymsDynamic Simulated Annealing-equations Of Motion (for Electronic Structures In Liq. Metals)
DSAAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDefense Security Assistance Agency
DSAAUncategorized Acronyms(U.S.) Defense Security Assistance Agency
DSADNASA AcronymsData Systems And Analysis Directorate (JSC)
DSAPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDOE Special Analysis Project
DSARCUS Military AcronymsDefense Systems Acquisition Review Committee
DSATAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDistributed System Administration Team
DSBAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDirect Soundings Broadcast
DSBUncategorized Acronyms(U.S.) Defense Science Board
DSBUS Military AcronymsDefense Science Board
DSBMedical Acronyms (Slang)Drug-Seeking Behaviour (faking Illness To Fuel Narcotic Addiction)
DSBChemistry AcronymsDouble-strand Break
DSBNASA AcronymsDocument Status Bulletin
DSBNASA AcronymsDouble Side Band
DSBLUS Military AcronymsDisable
DSCUncategorized AcronymsDifferential Scanning Calorimeter - Digital Selective Calling - Digital Still Camera - Distinguished Service Cross - Doctor Of Surgical Chiropody (obsolete) - Document Structure Convention (PostScript Programming) - Dynamic Stability Control
DSCUS Military AcronymsDigital Scan Converter
DSCChemistry AcronymsDifferential Scanning Calorimetry
DSCNASA AcronymsData Separator Card
DSCNASA AcronymsDedicated Signal Conditioner
DSCAUS Govt. AcronymsDefense Security Cooperation Agency
DSCCRChemistry AcronymsDiffractive Sudden-closed Coupled Rotation (for Mol.-surface Scattering Calcns.)
DSCEMSChemistry AcronymsDepth Selective Conversion Electron Moessbauer Spectroscopy
DSCFChemistry AcronymsDirect Self-consistent Field
DSCHGUS Military AcronymsDischarge
DSCSUncategorized AcronymsU.S. Defense Satellite Communications System
DSCSAstronomy AcronymsDefense Satellite Communications System
DSCS IIIUS Military AcronymsDefense Satellite Communication System
DSCSOCUncategorized AcronymsDSCS Operations Center
DSDUncategorized AcronymsDefence Studies Department (King's College
DSDPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsDeep Sea Drilling Project
DSDPChemistry AcronymsDeep Sea Drilling Project

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