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 Acronym Category Meaning
CCBChemistry AcronymsCalcium Channel Blocker
CCBUS Military AcronymsChange Control Board
CCBUS Military AcronymsConfiguration Control Board
CCBUS Govt. AcronymsChild Care Bureau
CCBNASA AcronymsChange Control Board
CCBNASA AcronymsConfiguration Change Board
CCBNASA AcronymsConfiguration Control Board
CCBAChemistry AcronymsCoupled-channel Born Approximation
CCBDNASA AcronymsConfiguration Control Board Directive
CCBDUS Military AcronymsConfig Control Board Directive
CCBPChemistry AcronymsCoal Combustion By-product
CCBRUS Military AcronymsConfig Control Board Request
CCCUS Military AcronymsChange & Configuration Control (product Name)
CCCUS Military AcronymsCommand, Control, Communications
CCCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCray Computer Corporation
CCCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCanadian Climate Centre
CCCChemistry AcronymsCopyright Clearance Center
CCCChemistry AcronymsCalibration Check Compounds
CCCChemistry AcronymsConvergent Close Coupling
CCCChemistry AcronymsCorrelated Coupled Cluster (quantum Calcn. Method)
CCCChemistry AcronymsCounter Current Chromatography
CCCChemistry AcronymsCritical Coagulant Concentration
CCCNASA AcronymsCentral Computer Complex
CCCNASA AcronymsCommunication(s) Control Console
CCCNASA AcronymsComplex Control Center
CCCNASA AcronymsContaminant Control Cartridge
CCCNASA AcronymsController Checkout Console
CCCUncategorized AcronymsCorpus Christi College
CCCUS Govt. AcronymsCommodity Credit Corporation
CCCBUS Military AcronymsComponent Change Control Board
CCCCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCenter For Clouds
CCCCChemistry AcronymsComplex-coordinate Coupled-channel (method In Calcns. On Rotational And Vibrational Predissocn.)
CCCIChemistry AcronymsCorrelation-consistent CI
CCCLCChemistry AcronymsComplex-coordinate Coupled-Landau-channel (method In Calcns. On Autoionizing Resonances)
CCCMAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCanadian Centre For Climate Modeling And Analysis
CCCOAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCommittee For Climatic Change And The Ocean
CCCOChemistry AcronymsCommittee On Climatic Changes And The Ocean (of IOC And SCOR)
CCCPUncategorized AcronymsCentral Committee Of The Communist Party - Cyrillic For SSSR (Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik
CCCSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsChange And Configuration Control System
CCCTFChemistry AcronymsCore Conduction Cooldown Test Facility
CCCWGAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsChemistry And Climate Change Working Group
CCDAstronomy AcronymsCharge-Coupled Device
CCDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCharge-Couple Device
CCDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsConference Of The Committee On Disarmament
CCDChemistry AcronymsCarbonate Compensation Depth
CCDChemistry AcronymsCharge Coupled Device
CCDChemistry AcronymsChemical Composition Distribution [of Polymers]
CCDChemistry AcronymsCounter Current Decantation
CCDChemistry AcronymsCoupled-cluster Doubles
CCDUncategorized AcronymsCharge-Coupled Device
CCDComputer Acronyms (Common)Charged Coupled Device
CCDComputer And Internet AcronymsCharge-Coupled Device
CCDHuman Genome AcronymsCharged Coupled Device
CCDNASA AcronymsCharge Coupled Device
CCDNASA AcronymsCheckout Command Decoder
CCDNASA AcronymsConstants Change Display
CCDCChemistry AcronymsCambridge Crystallographic Data Center
CCDISChemistry AcronymsCharge-coupled Device Imaging Spectrometer
CCDLUS Military AcronymsCross Channel Data Link
CCDPPAChemistry AcronymsCoupled-cluster With Double Excitation Polarization Propagator
CCDRNASA AcronymsContractor Critical Design Review
CCDSAstronomy AcronymsCenters For The Commercial Development Of Space
CCDTLChemistry AcronymsCoupled-cavity Drift-tube Linac
CCDWChemistry AcronymsCommensurate Charge-density Wave
CCDWChemistry AcronymsCoupled-channel Distorted-wave (quantum Method)
CCDZPChemistry AcronymsCorrelation-consistent Double-zeta (plus) Polarization (basis Set)
CCEChemistry AcronymsCharge Composition Explorer
CCEChemistry AcronymsCapacitative Calcium Entry
CCEChemistry AcronymsCharge-collection Efficiency
CCEChemistry AcronymsCounterflow Centrifugal Elutriation
CCENASA AcronymsComputer Command Engineer
CCEAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCenter For Climatic And Environmental Assessment
CCEAChemistry AcronymsConventional Combustion Environmental Assessment
CCEHChemistry AcronymsCenter For Coastal Ecosystem Health
CCFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCentral Computing Facility
CCFChemistry AcronymsCorrelation Crystal Field
CCFNASA AcronymsConverter Compressor Facility
CCFCCPMedical Acronyms (Slang)Coo-coo For Co-Co Puffs (dementia Or Similar)
CCFDAUS Military AcronymsCockpit Control Feel Drive Actuator
CCFETChemistry AcronymsCapacitively Controlled Field Effect Transistor
CCFFNASA AcronymsCape Canaveral Forecast Facility
CCFLChemistry AcronymsCold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp
CCFLChemistry AcronymsCountercurrent Flow Limitation
CCFMOrganizations AcronymsCanadian Council Of Forest Ministers
CCFOChemistry AcronymsCharge-charge Flux Overlap (model In Mol.-property Calcns.)
CCFOMChemistry AcronymsCharche-charge Flux-overlap Modified (model In IR Spectra Calcn.)
CCGChemistry AcronymsConstant Crystal Growth (model)
CCGChemistry AcronymsContinental Collision Granitoids
CCGUncategorized AcronymsCanadian Coast Guard - Collectible Card Game
CCGFChemistry AcronymsCoupled Cluster Green Function
CCGMChemistry AcronymsCabrera-Celli-Goodman-Manson (at. Scattering Theory)
CCGTChemistry AcronymsClosed Cycle Gas Turbine
CCGTChemistry AcronymsCombined Cycle Gas Turbine
CCHUncategorized AcronymsComputer-Controlled Hostile
CCHFChemistry AcronymsCrimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever
CCHWAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCitizens Clearinghouse For Hazardous Wastes
CCHWChemistry AcronymsCitizens Clearinghouse For Hazardous Wastes
CCIChemistry AcronymsCharge Contrast Imaging
CCIChemistry AcronymsChronic Constriction Injury
CCIChemistry AcronymsComplete Configuration Interaction

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