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 Acronym Category Meaning
CRIPChemistry AcronymsCysteine-rich Intestinal Protein
CRIPLUncategorized AcronymsConsolidated Remain-In-Place List
CRISNASA AcronymsCalibration Recall And Information System
CRISSatellite Meterology AcronymsCross-track Infrared Sounder
CRISChemistry AcronymsCosmic-Ray Isotope Spectrometer
CRISDUS Military AcronymsComputer Resources Integrated Support Document
CRISMChemistry AcronymsCompact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer For Mars
CRISPNASA AcronymsComputer Resources Integrated Support Plan
CRISPUS Govt. AcronymsComputer Retrieval Of Information On Scientific Projects
CRISTAAstronomy AcronymsCryogenic Infrared Spectrometer Telescope For Atmosphere
CRISTAChemistry AcronymsCryogenic Infrared Spectrometers And Telescopes For The Atmosphere
CRITNASA AcronymsCritical
CRLChemistry AcronymsCentral Regional Laboratory
CRLChemistry AcronymsCertified Reporting Limit
CRLAstronomy AcronymsCommunication Research Lab
CRLASChemistry AcronymsCavity Ringdown Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
CRLCMPUS Military AcronymsComputer Resources Life Cycle Management Plan
CRMComputer Acronyms (Common)Customer Relationship Management
CRMComputer And Internet AcronymsCustomer Relationship Management
CRMChemistry AcronymsCertified Reference Material
CRMChemistry AcronymsChemical Remanent Magnetization
CRMChemistry AcronymsContinuous Radon Monitor
CRMNASA AcronymsChemical Release Module
CRMUncategorized AcronymsCardiac Rhythm Management - Customer Relationship Management
CRMDNASA AcronymsComputer Resources Management Data
CRMGTChemistry AcronymsChannel Regulated MOS-gated Thyristor
CRMMAChemistry AcronymsChemical Reference Material Manufacturers Association
CRNNASA AcronymsCable Routing Rotation
CRNNASA AcronymsContract Revision Number
CRNUS Military AcronymsCrown
CROUS Military AcronymsCognizant Regional Office
CRONASA AcronymsCathode Ray Oscillograph(s) Or Oscilloscopes
CROACCMedical Acronyms (Slang)Cannot Rule Out Anything, Correlate Clinically
CROCUSChemistry AcronymsCost Of The Energy Service Related To Overall Efficiency With Incentives For Infrastructure At Unchanged Service
CROSSBOWChemistry AcronymsComputerized Retrieval Of Organic Structures Based On Wiswesser
CROWChemistry AcronymsContained Recovery Of Oily Wastes
CROWNChemistry AcronymsCombines Rotation With Nutation
CRPChemistry AcronymsC-reactive Protein
CRPChemistry AcronymsCAMP Receptor Protein
CRPChemistry AcronymsCarbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics
CRPUS Military AcronymsCost Reduction Program
CRPNASA AcronymsConfiguration Requirements Processing
CRPUncategorized AcronymsCommittee To Re-elect The President - Control And Reporting Post
CRPUS Govt. AcronymsConservation Reserve Program
CRPLNASA AcronymsCosmic Ray Physics Laboratory
CRPLUS Military AcronymsCreeping Lines
CRQLChemistry AcronymsContract Required Quantitation Limit
CRRChemistry AcronymsCarbon Removal Rate
CRRUS Military AcronymsCognizant Regional Representative
CRRNASA AcronymsComputer Run Report
CRRNASA AcronymsCritical Requirements Review
CRRELChemistry AcronymsUS Army Cold Regions Research And Engineering Laboratory
CRRESChemistry AcronymsCombined Release And Radiation Effects Satellite
CRRESAstronomy AcronymsCombined Release/Radiation Effects Satellite
CRRTMedical AcronymsContinuous Renal Replacement Therapy
CRSChemistry AcronymsControlled Release Society
CRSChemistry AcronymsCoordinate-representation Sudden (decoupling Method For Mol. Inelastic Collisions)
CRSNASA AcronymsC02 Reduction Subsystem
CRSNASA AcronymsCourse
CRSNASA AcronymsCross
CRSUS Govt. AcronymsCongressional Research Service; Community Relations Service
CRSMedical Acronyms (Slang)Can't Remember Shit
CRSText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsCan't Remember Sh*t
CRSFDNASA AcronymsCrossfeed
CRSINASA AcronymsCeramic Reusable Surface Insulation
CRSRUS Military AcronymsCursor
CRSSChemistry AcronymsCritical Resolved Shear Stress
CRSVRNASA AcronymsCrossover
CRTNASA AcronymsCathode Ray Tube
CRTNASA AcronymsCathode-Ray Tube
CRTUncategorized AcronymsCardiac Resynchronization Therapy - Cathode Ray Tube - Chinese Remainder Theorem
CRTChemistry AcronymsContinuously Regeneration Trap
CRTChemistry AcronymsCathode Ray Tube
CRTMedical AcronymsCapillary Refill Time
CRTUS Military AcronymsCathode Ray Tube
CRTMedical Acronyms (Slang)Can't Really Treat
CRTComputer Acronyms (Common)Cathode Ray Tube
CRTComputer And Internet AcronymsCathode-Ray Tube
CRTAChemistry AcronymsControlled Rate Thermal Analysis
CRTCUncategorized AcronymsCanadian Radio-television And Telecommunications Commission
CRTFChemistry AcronymsCentralized Recovery And Treatment Facility
CRTGNASA AcronymsCartridge
CRTLAText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsCan't Remember The Three-Letter Acronym
CRUChemistry AcronymsConstitutional Repeating Unit
CRUSUS Military AcronymsCruise
CRWNASA AcronymsControl Read/Write
CRWQCBChemistry AcronymsCalifornia Regional Water Quality Control Board
CRYONASA AcronymsCryogenic
CRYSISChemistry AcronymsCryogenic Stockholm Ion Source
CSChemistry AcronymsCompton Scattering
CSChemistry AcronymsCentrifugal Sudden (approximation)
CSChemistry AcronymsChemical Shift
CSChemistry AcronymsConfiguration Space (in Wave Functions)
CSChemistry AcronymsCoupled-states (or Centrifugal Sudden) Approximation
CSChemistry AcronymsCrystal Structure
CSNASA AcronymsChange Status
CSNASA AcronymsCheckout Station
CSNASA AcronymsCommon Set
CSNASA AcronymsConsumables Status
CSNASA AcronymsControl Segment

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