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 Acronym Category Meaning
COLOCChemistry AcronymsCorrelation Spectroscopy For Long-range Couplings
COLTUncategorized AcronymsCombat Observation And Lasing Team (military)
COLTRIMSChemistry AcronymsCold-target Recoil-ion-momentum Spectroscopy
COMUncategorized AcronymsComoros (ISO 3166 Trigram) -Component Object Model
COMNASA AcronymsCommon
COMNASA AcronymsComputer Output Microfiche
COMComputer And Internet AcronymsComponent Object Model
COM-MNASA AcronymsCommon Mode
COMAChemistry AcronymsCometary Mass Analyzer
COMAChemistry AcronymsCyclic Olefin Maleic Anhydride
COMAHChemistry AcronymsControl Of Major Accident Hazards
COMAROChemistry AcronymsComposite Magic-angle Rotation
COMASNASA AcronymsCombined Orbital Maneuvering And Abort System
COMATNASA AcronymsCompatibility Of Materials
COMBNASA AcronymsCombustion
COMBAT DFUS Military AcronymsSrs-1 (outboard)
COMBIMANUS Military AcronymsComputerized Biomechanical Man-model
COMDEXComputer And Internet AcronymsCommunications And Data Processing Exposition
COMECNASA AcronymsCommunications Security
COMECONUncategorized AcronymsCouncil For Mutual Economic Assistance (economic Counterpart Of The Warsaw Pact
COMETSatellite Meterology AcronymsCooperative Program For Operational Meteorology Education And Training (NOAA And UCAR)
COMFAChemistry AcronymsComparative Molecular Field Analysis
COMFETChemistry AcronymsConductivity-modulated Field Effect Transistor
COMFITAEWWINGPACCOMMANDERUS Military AcronymsFighter Airborne Early Warning Wing Pacific
COMFITWINGONEUS Military AcronymsCommander Fighter Wing One
COMMUS Military AcronymsCommercial
COMMUS Military AcronymsCommunication
COMMNASA AcronymsCommunications
COMM/IDUS Military AcronymsCommunication/identification
COMMANDNASA AcronymsComputer Command Engineer
COMMZUncategorized AcronymsCommunications Zone (military)
COMNAVAIRESFORUS Military AcronymsCommander Naval Air Reserve Force
COMPNASA AcronymsCompass
COMPNASA AcronymsCompensate
COMPNASA AcronymsComponent
COMPNASA AcronymsComputation Of Rendezvous Targeting
COMPNASA AcronymsComputer
COMPChemistry AcronymsCartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein
COMPASChemistry AcronymsCoating By Multiple Polyelectrolyte Adsorption Surface Activation
COMPASSUS Military AcronymsComputer Alerted Surveillance System
COMPENNASA AcronymsCompensator
COMPLNASA AcronymsCompleted
COMPOOLNASA AcronymsCommon Data Pool
COMPRNASA Acronyms Compress
COMPREHENDChemistry AcronymsCommunity Programme Of Research On Environmental Hormones And Endocrine Disrupters
COMPTNASA AcronymsCOmPartment
COMPTUS Military AcronymsCompressor
COMPTELAstronomy AcronymsCOMPton TELescope
COMPTUEXUS Military AcronymsComposite Training Unit Exercise
COMR&DSATNASA AcronymsCommunication Research And Development Satellite
COMSUS Military AcronymsContractor Operation And Maintenance Of Simulators
COMSATAstronomy AcronymsCommunications Satellite (Corporation)
COMSATSatellite Meterology AcronymsCOMmunications SATellite
COMSATNASA AcronymsCommunications Satellite
COMSECNASA AcronymsCommunications Security
COMSECUS Military AcronymsCommunication Secure
COMSECUncategorized AcronymsCommunications Security (military)
COMTHIRDFLTUS Military AcronymsCommander Of Third Fleet
COMTRALANTUS Military AcronymsCommander Training Command Atlantic Fleet
COMTRAPACUS Military AcronymsCommander Training Command Atlantic Fleet
CONUS Military AcronymsContrast
CONNASA AcronymsContact
CONADUncategorized AcronymsU.S. Continental Air Defense Command
CONCACAFUncategorized AcronymsConfederation Of North
CONCAWEChemistry AcronymsConservation Of Clean Air And Water In Western Europe [European Community Organization]
CONCNNASA AcronymsConcentration
CONDNASA AcronymsCondition
CONDNASA AcronymsCondenser
CONDOChemistry AcronymsCrystal Orbital Neglect Of Differential Overlap
CONDRNASA AcronymsConditioner
CONFNASA AcronymsConference
CONFIGNASA AcronymsConfiguration
CONFIGUS Military AcronymsConfiguration
CONFUChemistry AcronymsConference On Fair Use
CONMEBOLUncategorized AcronymsConfederaci›n Sudamericana De Fœtbol (Spanish
CONNNASA AcronymsConnect
CONOPSUncategorized AcronymsConcept Of Operations (military)
CONOPSUS Military AcronymsConcept Of Operations
CONRAILUS Govt. AcronymsConsolidated Rail Corporation
CONSNASA AcronymsConsole
CONSERUS Govt. AcronymsCooperative Online Serials
CONSTRNASA Acronyms Construct
CONTNASA AcronymsContinue
CONTNASA AcronymsContainer
CONTNASA AcronymsContingency
CONTUS Military AcronymsControl
CONTAMNASA AcronymsContaminate
CONTGYUS Military AcronymsContingency
CONTIGHuman Genome AcronymsConsortium Of Teachers In Genetics
CONTIGNASA AcronymsContiguous
CONTOURChemistry AcronymsComet Nucleus Tour
CONTRNASA Acronyms Control
CONTRASTChemistry AcronymsConnectivity Tracing Assignment Tools
CONUSNASA AcronymsContinental United States
CONUSSatellite Meterology AcronymsCONtinental (or CONterminus) United States
CONUSUncategorized AcronymsContinental United States
CONUSUS Army Acronyms (Official)CONtinental United States
CONUSUS Military AcronymsContinental United States
CONVUS Military AcronymsConversion
CONVNASA AcronymsConverter

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