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 Acronym Category Meaning
CNTTUS Military AcronymsChief Of Naval Technical Training (memphis)
CNVUncategorized AcronymsCopy-Number Variable (genetics)
CNWDINASA AcronymsCritical Nuclear Weapons Design Information
CNWRAChemistry AcronymsCenter For Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses
CNYUncategorized AcronymsChinese Yuan Renminbi (ISO 4217 Currency Code)
COChemistry AcronymsCrystal Orbital
COMedical AcronymsCardiac Output
CONASA AcronymsCarbon Monoxide
CONASA AcronymsCargo Operations (KSC Directorate)
CONASA AcronymsChange Order
CONASA AcronymsContracting Officer
CONASA AcronymsCutoff
COUncategorized AcronymsCobalt
COUncategorized AcronymsCorsican Language (ISO 639-1 Code)
COUncategorized Acronyms Many
COUS Army Acronyms (Official)Commanding Officer (also Conscientious Objector); Certifying Officer; Change Order; Contracting Officer
COUS Military AcronymsChange Order
CO2NASA AcronymsCarbon Dioxide
COAChemistry AcronymsCoenzyme A
COANASA AcronymsCenter Operations Area
COAUncategorized AcronymsConcept Of Analysis - Course Of Action (military)
COAUS Army Acronyms (Official)Course Of Action
COADMedical AcronymsChronic Obstructive Airways Disease
COADSChemistry AcronymsComprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set
COAREChemistry AcronymsCoupled Ocean-Atmosphere Response Experiment
COASNASA AcronymsCourse Optical Alignment Sight
COASNASA AcronymsCrew(man) Optical Alignment Sight
COASNASA AcronymsCrewman Optical Alignment Sight
COASTSChemistry AcronymsCoastal Ocean Advanced Science And Technology Study (IOC Program)
COAXNASA AcronymsCoaxial
COBNASA AcronymsCommunications Office Building
COBUncategorized AcronymsClose Of Business [day]
COBUS Army Acronyms (Official) Close Of Business. The End Of The Day Or Duty Shift. MEANING: By The End Of The Duty Day. USAGE: Get That To Me By COB Today!!!; Contingency Operating Base. Example: Contingency Operating Base (COB) Speicher
COBText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsClose Of Business
COBEAstronomy AcronymsCOsmic Background Explorer
COBEChemistry AcronymsCosmic Background Explorer Satellite (NASA)
COBENASA AcronymsCosmic Background Explorer
COBOLNASA AcronymsCommon Business Oriented Language
COBOLUncategorized AcronymsCOmmon Business-Oriented Language
COBOLUS Military AcronymsCommon Business Oriented Language
COBOLComputer And Internet AcronymsCommon Business Oriented Language
COBRASChemistry AcronymsCosmic Background Radiation Anisotropy Satellite
COCChemistry AcronymsCyclic Olefin Copolymers
COCChemistry AcronymsCleveland Open Cup (Flash Point Test Method)
COCChemistry AcronymsContaminants Of Concern
COCChemistry AcronymsChain Of Custody
COCNASA AcronymsClose-Open-Close
COCIChemistry AcronymsCommittee On Chemistry And Industry (IUPAC)
COCOMUncategorized AcronymsCombatant Command (military)
COCPChemistry AcronymsCut-off Coulomb Potential
CODChemistry AcronymsChemical Oxygen Demand
CODChemistry AcronymsContinuous Optical Discharge
CODChemistry AcronymsCrack Opening Displacement
CODNASA AcronymsCenter Operations Directorate (JSC)
CODUncategorized AcronymsCash On Delivery -Democratic Republic Of The Congo (ISO 3166 Trigram)
CODUS Military AcronymsCarrier On-board Delivery
CODText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsChange Of Dressing
CODASYLUS Military AcronymsConference On Data Systems Languages
CODASYLComputer And Internet AcronymsConference On Data Systems Languages
CODATAChemistry AcronymsCommittee On Data For Science And Technology
CODECUncategorized AcronymsCoder-Decoder / Compressor-Decompressor / Compression-Decompression Algorithm
CODECComputer And Internet AcronymsCompression/Decompression
CODEXChemistry AcronymsCenterband-only Detection Of Exchange
CODFChemistry AcronymsCrystallite Orientation Distribution Function
CODISChemistry AcronymsCombined DNA Index System
COENASA AcronymsCorps Of Engineer
COEUncategorized AcronymsCab Over Engine (see Truck) - Common Operating Environment (military)
COEUS Military AcronymsGovernment Owned Equipment
COEAUncategorized AcronymsCost Operational Effectiveness Analysis (military)
COEDChemistry AcronymsComputer Optimized Experimental Design
COEIAUncategorized AcronymsCombined Operational Effectiveness And Investment Appraisal (military)
COFChemistry AcronymsCoefficient Of Friction
COF$Text Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsChurch Of Scientology
COFINASA AcronymsCheckout And Fault Isolation (on Board)
COFRNASA AcronymsCertificate Of Flight Readiness
COFTUncategorized AcronymsConduct Of Fire Trainer (military)
COFWNASA AcronymsCertificate Of Flight Worthiness
COGChemistry AcronymsCoke-oven Gas
COGUncategorized AcronymsCentre Of Gravity - Current Operations Group (military) -Republic Of The Congo (ISO 3166 Trigram)
COGENTUncategorized AcronymsCognitive Objects Within A Graphical EnviroNmenT
COGSChemistry AcronymsComputer Oriented Geological Society
COHChemistry AcronymsCoefficient Of Haze
COHESIONUS Military AcronymsA Digital Software Environment Product
COHMAPChemistry AcronymsCooperative Holocene Mapping Project
COHMEDChemistry AcronymsCooperative Hazardous Materials Enforcement Development Program
COHSEXChemistry AcronymsCoulomb-hole (plus) Screened-exchange (approxn. In Band-structure Calcns.)
COIChemistry AcronymsConstituents Of Interest
COILChemistry AcronymsChem. Oxygen-iodine Laser
COIMNASA AcronymsCheckout Interpreter (Software) Module
COINUncategorized AcronymsCounter-Insurgency (military)
COKUncategorized AcronymsCook Islands (ISO 3166 Trigram)
COLNASA AcronymsCheckout Language
COLNASA AcronymsCoast Orbital Insertion
COLUncategorized AcronymsColombia (ISO 3166 Trigram)
COLAUncategorized AcronymsComp.os.linux.announce - Cost Of Living Adjustment
COLDChemistry AcronymsChronic Obstructive Lung Disease
COLDChemistry AcronymsComputer Output To Laser Disk
COLIWASAChemistry AcronymsComposite Liquid Waste Sampler
COLLUS Military AcronymsCollect
COLMNASA AcronymsColumn

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