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 Acronym Category Meaning
CMTChemistry AcronymsCharcot-Marie-tooth Disease
CMTChemistry AcronymsCadmium Mercury Telluride
CMTChemistry AcronymsComputed Microtomography
CMTHuman Genome AcronymsCharcot-Marie-Tooth
CMTSNASA AcronymsComputerized Maintenance Test System
CMTSComputer And Internet AcronymsCable Modem Termination System
CMUChemistry AcronymsCondition Monitoring Unit
CMUText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsCrack Me Up
CMVChemistry AcronymsCucumber Mosaic Virus
CMVNASA AcronymsCommon Mode Voltage
CMVUS Govt. AcronymsCenter For Minority Veterans
CMVWPUS Military AcronymsCommander Medium Attack Tactical Warfare Wing Pacific
CMXChemistry AcronymsConnected-moments Expansion
CMX(2)Chemistry AcronymsSecond-order Connected Moments Expansion (method For Calcg. Correlation Energies Of Mols.)
CMYKUncategorized AcronymsCyan Magenta Yellow Key/blacK (colour Model)
CMYKComputer Acronyms (Common)Cyan Magenta Yellow Black
CMYKComputer And Internet AcronymsCyan Magenta Yellow Black (Key)
CMZPChemistry AcronymsCalcium Magnesium Zirconium Phosphate
CNChemistry AcronymsCellulose Nitrate
CNChemistry AcronymsCondensation Nucleus
CNNASA AcronymsChange Notice
CNUncategorized AcronymsCanadian National (railway) -China (ISO 3166 Digram) - Comoros (FIPS 10-4 Country Code)
CNAUncategorized AcronymsCenter For Naval Analyses - Certified Network Administrator - Computer Network Attack
CNAELChemistry AcronymsCommittee On National Accreditation Of Environmental Laboratories (US EPA)
CNATRAUS Military AcronymsChief Of Naval Air Training
CNAVRESUS Military AcronymsChief Of Naval Reserve
CNCChemistry AcronymsComputer Numerical Control
CNCChemistry AcronymsCondensation Nucleus Counter
CNDChemistry AcronymsCircumnuclear Disk
CNDUncategorized AcronymsCampaign For Nuclear Disarmament - Computer Network Defence
CNDUS Military AcronymsChief Of Naval Development
CNDOChemistry AcronymsComplete Neglect Of Differential Overlap
CNDO LHPChemistry AcronymsComplete Neglect Of Differential Overlap Longet-Higgins-Pople
CNDO SPChemistry AcronymsComplete Neglect Of Differential Overlap Spin Polarization
CNDO/2-FAChemistry AcronymsComplete Neglect Of Differential Overlap First Approxn.
CNDO/2-FPPChemistry AcronymsComplete Neglect Of Differential Overlap With Finite Perturbation And Polarization
CNDO/2-UChemistry AcronymsUniversal CNDO/2 (extended To Full Periodic Table)
CNDO/2-VChemistry AcronymsComplete Neglect Of Differential Overlap-potential Method
CNDO/2DChemistry AcronymsComplete Neglect Of Differential Overlap With Deorthogonalization
CNDO/BChemistry AcronymsComplete Neglect Of Differential Overlap / Boyd
CNDO/BWChemistry AcronymsComplete Neglect Of Differential Overlap With Boyd And Whitehead Parametrization
CNDO/FChemistry AcronymsComplete Neglect Of Differential Overlap/force
CNDO/FKChemistry AcronymsComplete Neglect Of Differential Overlap/ Fischer-Kollmar
CNDO/IPChemistry AcronymsComplete Neglect Of Differential Overlap/ionization Potential
CNDO/OPTICChemistry AcronymsCI Method For Elec. Transition Moments Of The Optical Transition Of Large Mols. Based On CNDO/S Parametrization
CNDO/SChemistry AcronymsComplete Neglect Of Differential Overlap/spectroscopic
CNDO/SWChemistry AcronymsComplete Neglect Of Differential Overlap / Sichel-Whitehead
CNDO/SWWChemistry AcronymsComplete Neglect Of Differential Overlap/ Sichel-Whitehead-Wratten Parametrization
CNDOLChemistry AcronymsComplete Neglect Of Differential Overlap-azimutal Quantum Number (of Valence AO'S)
CNDPChemistry AcronymsCold Neutron Depth Profiling
CNDSNASA AcronymsCondensate
CNEUncategorized AcronymsCanadian National Exhibition - Computer Network Exploitation - Certified Network Engineer
CNESAstronomy AcronymsCentre National D'Etude Spatiales
CNESChemistry AcronymsCentre National D'Etudes Spatiales (French Space Center)
CNETUS Military AcronymsChief Of Naval Education And Training
CNEWTPUS Military AcronymsConsolidated Electronic Warfare
CNGChemistry AcronymsCompressed Natural Gas
CNGComputer And Internet AcronymsCalling Tone
CNIUncategorized AcronymsCommunications
CNIUS Military AcronymsComm/nav/iff
CNIDRChemistry AcronymsClearinghouse For Networked Information Discovery And Retrieval
CNIEChemistry AcronymsCommittee For The National Institute For The Environment
CNIUUS Military AcronymsCommunication/navigation Interface Unit
CNLSChemistry AcronymsComplex Nonlinear Least Squares (data Fitting Method)
CNLSDChemistry AcronymsCondensation Nucleation Light Scattering Detection
CNMUS Military AcronymsChief Of Naval Material
CNMMNChemistry AcronymsCommission On New Minerals And Mineral Names
CNNChemistry AcronymsComputational Neural Network
CNNUncategorized AcronymsCable News Network - Cellular Nonlinear Network
CNOAstronomy AcronymsCarbon-Nitrogen-Oxygen
CNOChemistry AcronymsConstrained Nonorthogonal Orbital (algorithm)
CNOUncategorized AcronymsComputer Network Operations
CNOUS Govt. AcronymsChief Of Naval Operations
CNOUS Military AcronymsChief Of Naval Operations
CNOCChemistry AcronymsCommission On Nomenclature Of Organic Chemistry
CNPChemistry AcronymsC-type Natriuretic Peptide
CNPSMS Chat And Text AcronymsContinued In Next Post
CNPText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsContinued In Next Post (forums)
CNPGAAChemistry AcronymsCold Neutron Prompt Gamma-ray Activation Analysis
CNPPUS Govt. AcronymsCenter For Nutrition Policy And Promotion
CNPPAChemistry AcronymsCommission On National Parks And Protected Areas
CNRUncategorized AcronymsCanadian National Railway - Combat Net Radio
CNRUS Military AcronymsChief Of Naval Research
CNRFChemistry AcronymsCold Neutron Research Facility
CNRLNASA AcronymsCommunications And Navigation Research Laboratory
CNRSChemistry AcronymsCentre Nationale De La Recherche Scientifique (France)
CNSChemistry AcronymsCentral Nervous System
CNSMedical AcronymsCentral Nervous System
CNSSCUBA Diving AcronymsCentral Nervous System
CNSUS Govt. AcronymsCorporation For National Service
CNSLNASA AcronymsConsole
CNSRAstronomy AcronymsComet Nucleus Sample Return
CNTChemistry AcronymsCarbon Nanotube
CNTDChemistry AcronymsChemical Nucleated Thermal Deposition
CNTFChemistry AcronymsCiliary Neurotrophic Factor
CNTLNASA AcronymsControl
CNTRNASA AcronymsCounter
CNTRUS Military AcronymsControl
CNTRLNASA AcronymsControl
CNTRLNASA AcronymsController

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