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CIVUncategorized AcronymsC?te D'Ivoire (ISO 3166 Trigram)
CIVChemistry AcronymsCritical Ionization Velocity (ionosphere)
CIVAChemistry AcronymsCharge-induced Voltage Alteration
CIVBChemistry AcronymsConfiguration Interaction Valence Bond
CIVPOPUncategorized AcronymsCivilian Population
CIVTNASA AcronymsCargo Interface Verification Test
CIWEMChemistry AcronymsChartered Institution Of Water And Environmental Management
CIWSUncategorized AcronymsClose-In Weapon System
CIXComputer And Internet AcronymsCommercial Internet Exchange Association
CIUncategorized AcronymsCommission Internationale De L'?clairage
CJUncategorized AcronymsCayman Islands (FIPS 10-4 Country Code) -Criminal Justice
CJCUncategorized AcronymsCanadian Jewish Congress
CJCPChemistry AcronymsCorrected Coupled J Cross-polarization Spectra
CJCSUncategorized AcronymsChairman
CJCSUS Military AcronymsChairman Of The Joint Chief Of Staff
CJCS SROEUS Military AcronymsChairman Of The Joint Chief Of Staff Standing Rules Of Engagement
CJDUncategorized AcronymsChronological Julian Day - Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
CJDChemistry AcronymsCreutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
CJIIChemistry AcronymsCanadian Joint Implementation Initiative [with Regard To Greenhouse Gas Control]
CJOChemistry AcronymsChemical Journals Online
CJOUncategorized AcronymsChief Of Joint Operations
CJTFUncategorized AcronymsCombined Joint Task Force
CKUncategorized AcronymsCocos (Keeling) Islands (FIPS 10-4 Country Code) - Cook Islands (ISO 3166 Digram)
CKChemistry AcronymsCreatine Kinase
CKNASA AcronymsCheck
CK1Chemistry AcronymsCasein Kinase 1
CKAUncategorized AcronymsCanada Kicks Ass
CKAFSNASA AcronymsCape Kennedy Air Force Station (Changed To CCAFS)
CKDChemistry AcronymsCement Kiln Dust
CKNDUncategorized AcronymsCodename: Kids Next Door
CKPTNASA AcronymsCheckpoint
CKPTUS Military AcronymsCockpit
CKRANASA AcronymsCape Kennedy Reference Atmosphere (Changed To CCR
CKRCChemistry AcronymsCement Kiln Recycling Coalition
CKSMedical Acronyms (Slang)Cute Kid Syndrome
CKSNASA AcronymsChecks
CKTNASA AcronymsCircuit
CLMedical AcronymsCleft Lip
CLNASA AcronymsCenterline
CLNASA AcronymsClose (Closed)
CLNASA AcronymsClosed Loop
CLNASA AcronymsClosed Loop Contro! Logic
CLNASA AcronymsCluster
CLNASA AcronymsCoefficient Of Lift
CLChemistry AcronymsCathode Luminescence
CLUncategorized AcronymsChile (ISO 3166 Digram) -Co-ordination Line - One Hundred And Fifty (in Roman Numerals)
CLUncategorized AcronymsChlorine
CLUS Military AcronymsCenter Line
CLUS Military AcronymsChannel
CLAChemistry AcronymsConjugated Linoleic Acid
CLAESChemistry AcronymsCryogenic Limb Array Etalon Spectrometer
CLAESAstronomy AcronymsCryogenic Limb Array Etalon Spectrometer
CLAMPChemistry AcronymsCenter For Laser Aided Materials Processing
CLAMSUS Military AcronymsCountermeasures Launcher Modular System
CLASSUS Military AcronymsComprehensive Lsa Automated Support System
CLASSNASA AcronymsClassification
CLAWUS Military AcronymsControl Law Computations
CLBOChemistry AcronymsCesium Lithium Borate
CLCChemistry AcronymsClean Lakes Clearinghouse
CLCChemistry AcronymsCapacity Limiting Constituents
CLCChemistry AcronymsChloride Channel
CLCChemistry AcronymsCholesteric Liquid Crystal
CLCChemistry AcronymsCoordinated List Of Chemicals
CLCNASA AcronymsChange Letter Control
CLCCChemistry AcronymsCeramic Leaded Chip Carrier
CLCRChemistry AcronymsCreatinine Clearance
CLDChemistry AcronymsCertainly Lethal Dose
CLDChemistry AcronymsChronic Lung Disease
CLD9?Text Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsCloud 9? (Stoned?)
CLDSTNASA AcronymsClosed Loop Dynamic Stability Test
CLEChemistry AcronymsCompetitive Ligand Exchange
CLEAChemistry AcronymsCollection Of Laws For Electronic Access
CLECChemistry AcronymsChiral Ligand-exchange Chromatography
CLECComputer And Internet AcronymsCompetitive Local Exchange Carriers
CLECUncategorized AcronymsCompetitive Local Exchange Carrier
CLEFTChemistry AcronymsCleavage Of Lateral Epitaxial Films For Transfer
CLEIAChemistry AcronymsChemiluminescent Enzyme Immunoassay
CLEMARSUncategorized AcronymsCalifornia Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Radio System
CLEVERChemistry AcronymsClinical Laboratory For Evaluation And Validation Of Epidemiologic Research
CLFChemistry AcronymsCurrent Literature File
CLGNASA AcronymsCeiling
CLIUncategorized AcronymsCommand Line Interface/Interpreter
CLIAChemistry AcronymsChemiluminescence Immunoassay
CLIA-88Chemistry AcronymsClinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments Of 1988
CLICChemistry AcronymsCompact LInear Collider
CLICUncategorized AcronymsCompact LInear Collider
CLIDEChemistry AcronymsChemical Literature Data Extraction
CLIMChemistry AcronymsClimate Change Database (accessible Through OLS)
CLIMAPChemistry AcronymsClimate Long-range Investigation Mapping And Prediction
CLINUS Military AcronymsContract Line Item Number
CLIPUS Military AcronymsConfiguration Logistic Information Program
CLIPNASA AcronymsCombined Laser Instrumentation Package
CLIPChemistry AcronymsCorticotropin-Like Intermediate-lobe Peptide
CLIPSChemistry AcronymsChemical List Index And Processing System
CLIPSUS Military AcronymsA Nasa Expert System Shell - C Language
CLLMedical Acronyms (Slang)Chronic Low Life
CLLChemistry AcronymsChronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
CLMChemistry AcronymsContained Liquid Membrane
CLMText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsCareer Limiting Move
CLMNASA AcronymsCare Logic Module

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