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CHESTChemistry AcronymsCombined Higher Education Software Team
CHFChemistry AcronymsCoulomb Hartree-Fock
CHFChemistry AcronymsCongestive Heart Failure
CHFChemistry AcronymsCoupled Hartree-Fock
CHFChemistry AcronymsCritical Heat Flux
CHFMedical AcronymsCongestive Heart Failure
CHFUncategorized AcronymsSwiss Franc (ISO 4217 Currency Code)
CHF-PT-EBChemistry AcronymsCoupled Hartree-Fock-perturbation Theory-extended Basis
CHFEPChemistry AcronymsCoreless Hartree-Fock Effective Potential
CHFETChemistry AcronymsComplementary Heterojunction Field-effect Transistor
CHFPTChemistry AcronymsCoupled Hartree-Fock Perturbation Theory
CHGNASA AcronymsChange
CHGNASA AcronymsCharge
CHGUS Military AcronymsChange
CHGRNASA AcronymsCharger
CHHHuman Genome AcronymsCartilage-hair Hypoplasia
CHIChemistry AcronymsCoaxial Helicity Injection
CHIHuman Genome AcronymsCambridge Healthtech Inst.
CHIUncategorized AcronymsComputer-Human Interaction
CHIBLOCMedical Acronyms (Slang)Closed Head Injury, Brief Loss Of Consciousness
CHICOChemistry AcronymsCompact Heavy-ion Counter
CHIDUS Govt. AcronymsCombined Health Information Database
CHIEFChemistry AcronymsClearinghouse For Inventories And Emission Factors
CHIGFETChemistry AcronymsComplementary Heterostructure Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor
CHIMEChemistry Acronyms(chem. Th-U-total Pb Isochron Method)
CHIPChemistry AcronymsChemical Hazard Information Profile(s)
CHIPChemistry AcronymsCold And Hot Isostatic Pressing
CHIPUncategorized AcronymsCalifornia Highway Patrol
CHIPEUS Military AcronymsOil Particle Exceedances
CHIPLUS Military AcronymsOil Particle Count Large
CHIPSUncategorized AcronymsCosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma Spectrometer
CHIPTUS Military AcronymsOil Particle Count Total
CHIRPChemistry AcronymsCore-hole Initiated Relaxation Process (in Ionic Crystals)
CHKUS Military AcronymsCheck Or Checkout
CHLNASA AcronymsCertified Hardware List
CHLNASA AcronymsChannel
CHLUncategorized AcronymsChile (ISO 3166 Trigram)
CHMChemistry AcronymsComplete Hydatidiform Mole
CHMBRNASA AcronymsChamber
CHMMChemistry AcronymsCertified Hazardous Materials Manager
CHMOChemistry AcronymsConstrained Hartree-Fock Orbitals
CHMOSChemistry AcronymsComplementary High-performance Metal-oxide Semiconductor
CHMSUS Military AcronymsCopilot Helmet Sight System
CHNUncategorized AcronymsChina (ISO 3166 Trigram)
CHOChemistry AcronymsChinese Hamster Ovary
CHOChemistry AcronymsComplex Harmonic Oscillator (in Mol. Scattering Theory)
CHOPHuman Genome AcronymsChildren's Hospital Of Philadelphia
CHORTLEChemistry AcronymsCarbon-hydrogen Correlation From One-dimensional Polarization-transfer Spectra By Least-squares Analysis
CHORUSChemistry AcronymsCERN Hybrid Oscillation Research Apparatus
CHPChemistry AcronymsChemical Hygiene Plan
CHPChemistry AcronymsCombined Heat Power
CHPUncategorized AcronymsCalifornia Highway Patrol - Combined Heat And Power
CHQChemistry AcronymsCold Heading Quality
CHRChemistry AcronymsConventional Hot Rolling
CHRNASA AcronymsCooper-Harper Rating
CHRISChemistry AcronymsChemical Hazards Response Info System
CHRMChemistry AcronymsCharacteristic Remanent Magnetization
CHRPComputer And Internet AcronymsCommon Hardware Reference Platform
CHRSUncategorized AcronymsCanadian Heart Rhythm Society
CHSUncategorized AcronymsCombat Health Support
CHTChemistry AcronymsContinuous Heating Transformation [curing Diagram]
CHTUncategorized AcronymsCertified Hand Therapist
CHTSChemistry AcronymsCombinatorial High-throughput Screening
CHUUncategorized AcronymsOld Church Slavonic Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
CHURCH-EYEUS Military AcronymsOver-the-horizon Radar
CHUTENASA AcronymsParachute
CHVUncategorized AcronymsChuvash Language (ISO 639-2 Code)
CHWChemistry AcronymsCoherent Hole Wave (quantum Excitations In Solids)
CHWMPChemistry AcronymsCounty Hazardous Waste Management Plan
CHXNASA AcronymsCabin Heat Exchanger
CIChemistry AcronymsChemical Ionization
CIChemistry AcronymsCompression-ignition (engine)
CIChemistry AcronymsConfiguration Interaction
CIMedical AcronymsContraIndications
CINASA AcronymsCertification Inspection
CINASA AcronymsColor Interior Film
CINASA AcronymsConfiguration Inspection
CINASA AcronymsConfiguration Item
CINASA AcronymsContinuous Interlock
CINASA AcronymsCourse (deviation Display) Invalid
CINASA AcronymsCrew Interface
CIUncategorized AcronymsChile (FIPS 10-4 Country Code) - C?te D'Ivoire (ISO 3166 Digram) -Counter-Intelligence
CIUncategorized AcronymsCurie
CIUS Military AcronymsConfiguration Item
CI-HYChemistry AcronymsConfiguration Interaction-Hylleraas
CI-TD-HGChemistry AcronymsConfiguration Interaction Time-dependent Hartree Grid
CIAChemistry AcronymsChemical Industries Association
CIAChemistry AcronymsCapillary Ion Analysis
CIANASA AcronymsControl Interface Assembly
CIANASA AcronymsController Interface Assembly
CIAUncategorized AcronymsCairo International Airport - Central Intelligence Agency - Culinary Institute Of America
CIAUS Govt. AcronymsCentral Intelligence Agency
CIAUS Military AcronymsChange Impact Assessment
CIAMedical Acronyms (Slang)Chrome Induced Ischaemia - Patient That Develops Inexplicable Chest Pains When Arrested And Handcuffed
CIACChemistry AcronymsCentro De Informacion Ambiental Del Caribe
CIAOUncategorized AcronymsCritical Infrastructure Assurance Office - Component-Integrated ACE ORB
CIAOUS Govt. AcronymsCritical Infrastructure Assurance Office
CIAOText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsGoodbye (in Italian)
CIAPChemistry AcronymsClimatic Implications Of Atmospheric Pollution
CIAPChemistry AcronymsClimate Impact Assessment Program

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