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CDEChemistry AcronymsCollective Dose Equivalent
CDEUncategorized AcronymsChemical Defence Equipment
CDECUncategorized AcronymsU.S. Combat Development Experimentation Center
CDEDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCore Dynamics And The Earth's Dynamo
CDEDWChemistry AcronymsCentrifugally-decoupled Exponential Distorted Wave
CDEIChemistry AcronymsCentromere DNA Element I
CDERChemistry AcronymsCenter For Drug Evaluation And Research
CDERUS Govt. AcronymsCenter For Drug Evaluation And Research
CDFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCommon Data Format
CDFChemistry AcronymsCollider Detector At Fermilab
CDFChemistry AcronymsCentered Dark Field
CDFChemistry AcronymsChlorinated Dibenzofuran
CDFChemistry AcronymsCumulative Distribution Functions
CDFNASA AcronymsCable Distribution Frame
CDFNASA AcronymsCentral Data Facility
CDFNASA AcronymsCircuit Design Fabrication
CDFNASA AcronymsConfined Detonating Fuse
CDFNASA AcronymsConfined Detonating Fuse
CDFNASA AcronymsCool-Down Facility
CDFUncategorized AcronymsCalifornia Department Of Forestry [and Fire Protection] - Common Data Format -Democratic Republic Of Congo Franc Congolais (ISO 4217 Currency Code)
CDFComputer And Internet AcronymsChannel Definition Format
CDF&TDSNASA AcronymsCircuit Design
CDFIUS Govt. AcronymsCommunity Development Financial Institutions
CDFSComputer And Internet AcronymsCompact Disk File System
CDFS IIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCloud Depiction And Forecast System
CDFTChemistry AcronymsChemical-density-functional Theory
CDFTChemistry AcronymsCurrent (as In C.d.) Density Functional Theory
CDHAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsColorado Department Of Health
CDHNASA AcronymsConstant Delta Height
CDHFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCentral Data Handling Facility
CDHRChemistry AcronymsCenter For Devices And Radiological Health
CDHSChemistry AcronymsCalifornia Department Of Health Services
CDIChemistry AcronymsChronic Daily Intakes
CDIChemistry AcronymsContinuous Deionization
CDINASA AcronymsCourse Deviation Indicator
CDINASA AcronymsCourse Deviation Indicator
CDIUS Military AcronymsCumulative Damage Indes
CDIComputer And Internet AcronymsCommon Data Interface
CDIACAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCarbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
CDIACChemistry AcronymsCarbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
CDIACUncategorized AcronymsCarbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (see-dee-ack)
CDIFChemistry AcronymsComponent Development And Integration Facility (MHD Channel Generator Plant
CDIFUS Military AcronymsCase Date Interchange Format (eia Effort)
CDIFComputer And Internet AcronymsCASE Definition Interchange Facility
CDILUS Military AcronymsCumulative Damage Index Left Engine
CDIPAFUncategorized AcronymsCertified Diploma In Accounting And Finance
CDIRChemistry AcronymsCarbon Dioxide Information Repository
CDIRUS Military AcronymsCumulative Damage Index Right Engine
CDISAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCommand And Data Interface Simulator Unit
CDKChemistry AcronymsCyclin Dependent Kinase
CDKIChemistry AcronymsCyclin Dependent Kinase Inhibitor
CDMAstronomy AcronymsCold Dark Matter
CDMChemistry AcronymsCapacitive Discharge Mode
CDMChemistry AcronymsClean Development Mechanism
CDMChemistry AcronymsCold Dark Matter
CDMNASA AcronymsCommunications/Data Manager
CDMOrganizations AcronymsClean Development Mechanism
CDMUncategorized AcronymsClean Development Mechanism (Kyoto Protocol) - Cold Dark Matter (astronomy)
CDMAChemistry AcronymsCode Division Multiple Access
CDMAUncategorized AcronymsCode Division Multiple Access
CDMAComputer Acronyms (Common)Code Division Multiple Access
CDMAComputer And Internet AcronymsCode Division Multiple Access
CDMOChemistry AcronymsComposite Dimensional Manganese Oxide
CDMSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCryospheric Data Management System
CDMSChemistry AcronymsCryogenic Dark Matter Search
CDMSNASA AcronymsCommand And Data Management Subsystem
CDMSNASA AcronymsCommand And Data Management System
CDMSIIUncategorized AcronymsCryogenic Dark Matter Search II
CDNNASA AcronymsCDRDiscrepancyNotice
CDNAChemistry AcronymsComplementary DNA
CDNAHuman Genome AcronymsComplementary DNA
CDNRNASA AcronymsCDR Discrepancy Notice Record
CDOChemistry AcronymsControlled Decomposition/oxidation
CDO'SBusiness And FinanceCollateralised Debt Obligations
CDOCChemistry AcronymsColored Dissolved Organic Carbon
CDOEChemistry AcronymsCharge-dependent Orbital Exponent Theory
CDOMChemistry AcronymsChromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter
CDOMChemistry AcronymsColored Dissolved Organic Matter
CDOSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCustomer Data And Operations System
CDPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCommunity Data Portal
CDPChemistry AcronymsContracted Density Product (in Simplification Of MO Calcns.)
CDPChemistry AcronymsCytidine 5'-diphosphate
CDPNASA AcronymsCommandDataProcessor
CDPUS Military AcronymsCompressor Discharge Pressure
CDPDComputer And Internet AcronymsCellular Digital Packet Data
CDPFChemistry AcronymsCatalytic Diesel Particulate Filter
CDPISNASA AcronymsCommand Data Processing And Instrumentation System
CDPLUS Military AcronymsCompressor Discharge Pressure Left Engine
CDPRUS Military AcronymsCompressor Discharge Pressure Right Engine
CDPTChemistry AcronymsConstant Denominator Perturbation Theory
CDQRNASA AcronymsCritical Design And Qualification Review
CDRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCircular Depolarization Ratio
CDRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCritical Design Review
CDRNASA AcronymsCleaning
CDRNASA AcronymsCommander
CDRNASA AcronymsCritical Design Review
CDRUncategorized AcronymsCommander
CDRUS Military AcronymsCritical Design Review
CDRAMComputer And Internet AcronymsCached Dynamic Random Access Memory
CDREChemistry AcronymsConvolution Difference Resolution Enhancement

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