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CCTMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCommunity Chemistry Transport Model
CCTMChemistry AcronymsCoupled-channel Transition Matrix (in Atom-surface Scattering)
CCTPAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsClean Coal Technology Program
CCTPChemistry AcronymsClean Coal Technology Program
CCTTUncategorized AcronymsClose Combat Tactical Trainer
CCTTUS Military AcronymsCommand And Control Team Trainer
CCTVNASA AcronymsClosed Circuit Television
CCTVNASA AcronymsClosed-circuit Television
CCTVUS Military AcronymsClosed Circuit Television
CCTWRSChemistry AcronymsCape Cod Toxic Waste Research Site
CCUAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCRAY Charging Unit
CCUAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCooler Control Unit
CCUNASA AcronymsCamera Control Unit
CCUNASA AcronymsCentral Control Unit
CCUNASA AcronymsCommunications Carrier Umbilical
CCUNASA AcronymsCrew Communications Unit
CCUNASA AcronymsCrewman Communications Umbilical
CCUUS Military AcronymsComputer Control Unit
CCVChemistry AcronymsContinuing Calibration Verification
CCVNASA AcronymsChamber Coolant Valve
CCVANASA AcronymsChamber Coolant Valve Actuator
CCWChemistry AcronymsConstituent Concentrations In Waste
CCWChemistry AcronymsCharge Current Wave (type Of Hartree-Fock Wave Function)
CCWNASA AcronymsCounterclockwise
CCWEChemistry AcronymsConstituent Concentrations In Waste Extract
CCWPChemistry AcronymsClose-coupling Wave-packet (for Mol. Scattering)
CCWP-JChemistry AcronymsClose Coupling Wave Packet [in Total Angular Momentum] J [representation] (for Collision Calcns.)
CDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCompact Disk
CDChemistry AcronymsCentrifugal Decoupling Approximation (for Atom-mol.scattering)
CDChemistry AcronymsCircular Dichroism
CDChemistry AcronymsCoulomb Dipole (in Electron-atom Impact Ionization Calcns.)
CDChemistry AcronymsCritical Dimension
CDNASA AcronymsCandella (Luminous Intensity)
CDNASA AcronymsCenter Director (KSC Directorate)
CDNASA AcronymsCoefficient Of Drag
CDNASA AcronymsCommand Decoder MDM
CDUncategorized AcronymsCadmium
CDUncategorized AcronymsCandela
CDUncategorized Acronyms Many
CDComputer Acronyms (Common)Compact Disc
CDComputer And Internet AcronymsCarrier Detect
CDBusiness And FinanceCertificate Of Deposit
CD ROMChemistry AcronymsCompact Disk Read Only Memory
CD-IComputer And Internet AcronymsCompact Disc-Interactive
CD-PROMComputer And Internet AcronymsCompact Disc-Programmable Read Only Memory
CD-RComputer Acronyms (Common)Compact Disc Recordable
CD-RComputer And Internet AcronymsCompact Disc-Recordable
CD-ROMAstronomy AcronymsCompact Disk Read-Only Memory
CD-ROMAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCompact Disk-read Only Memory
CD-ROMSatellite Meterology AcronymsCompact Disc-Read Only Memory
CD-ROMComputer Acronyms (Common)Compact Disc Read-Only Memory
CD-ROMComputer And Internet AcronymsCompact Disc, Read Only Memory
CD-RWComputer Acronyms (Common)Compact Disc Re-Writable
CD-RWComputer And Internet AcronymsCompact Disc-Rewritable
CD-SCSAGChemistry AcronymsCentrifugal Dominant-small Curvature Semiclassical Adiabatic Ground State (tunneling Approxn.)
CD1Uncategorized AcronymsCluster Of Differentiation 1 (a Small Gene Family)
CD9Text Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsCode 9 (parents Are Around)
CDAAstronomy AcronymsCommand And Data Acquisition
CDAAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCommand And Data Acquisition
CDAChemistry AcronymsConceptual Design Activity
CDAChemistry AcronymsCopper Development Association
CDAChemistry AcronymsCosmic Dust Analyzer
CDAChemistry AcronymsCharge Density Analysis
CDAChemistry AcronymsCylindrical Deflector Analyzer
CDANASA AcronymsCommand And Data Acquisition
CDANASA AcronymsCritical Design Audit
CDAUncategorized AcronymsUK Centre For Defence Analysis
CDAAChemistry AcronymsCholine-deficient L-amino Acid Defined Diet
CDAFChemistry AcronymsContinuous Distributed Approximating Function
CDATUS Army Acronyms (Slang)Computerized Dumb-Ass Tanker (in The Era Of Modern Weaponry)
CDBNASA AcronymsCentral Data Buffer
CDBNASA AcronymsCommand Data Base
CDBFChemistry AcronymsChlorinated Dibenzofurans
CDBFRNASA AcronymsCommon Data Buffer
CDBGUS Govt. AcronymsCommunity Development Block Grants
CDCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsClimate Data Center
CDCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsControl Data Corporation
CDCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCenters For Disease Control
CDCChemistry AcronymsCenter For Disease Control
CDCHuman Genome AcronymsCenters For Disease Control
CDCNASA AcronymsConfined Detonating Cord
CDCNASA AcronymsCountdown Clock
CDCUncategorized AcronymsCenters For Disease Control And Prevention - Control Data Corporation - Cult Of The Dead Cow
CDCUS Govt. AcronymsCenters For Disease Control
CDCComputer And Internet AcronymsCult Of The Dead Cow
CDCCCChemistry AcronymsCentrifugal Droplet Countercurrent Chromatography
CDCGEChemistry AcronymsContinuous Denaturing Capillary Gel Electrophoresis
CDCLAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsContract Document Control List
CDCRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsConcept Design And Cost Review
CDDChemistry AcronymsCharge-density Distortion
CDDChemistry AcronymsChlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxin
CDDUncategorized AcronymsCapabilities Development Document
CDDUS Military AcronymsCommon Data Dictionary
CDDFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCentral Data Distribution Facility
CDDIComputer And Internet AcronymsCopper Data Distribution Interface
CDDISAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCrustal Dynamics Data Information System
CDDISChemistry AcronymsCrustal Dynamics Data Information System
CDDTAstronomy AcronymsCountdown Demonstration Test
CDDTNASA AcronymsCountdown Demonstration Test
CDEAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsCommon Desktop Environment

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