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BCAChemistry AcronymsBinary-collision Approximation
BCABusiness And FinanceBasic Credit Approval
BCAAChemistry AcronymsBranched-chain Amino Acids
BCADChemistry AcronymsBusiness Computer-aided Manufacturing
BCAPSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsBiological Component Of The Air Pollution Studies
BCBGText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsBon Chic Bon Genre (French For, Good Style, Good Attitude)
BCBSText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsBig Company, Big School
BCCChemistry AcronymsBrueckner Coupled Cluster
BCCChemistry AcronymsBasal Cell Carcinoma
BCCChemistry AcronymsBioaccumulative Chemicals Of Concern
BCCChemistry AcronymsBody Centered Cubic
BCCUncategorized AcronymsBlind Carbon Copy
BCCComputer Acronyms (Common)Blind Carbon Copy
BCCComputer And Internet AcronymsBlind Carbon Copy
BCCComputer And Internet AcronymsBlock Check Character
BCCBAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsBaseline Change Control Board
BCCDChemistry AcronymsBrueckner Coupled Cluster With Double Excitations
BCCDChemistry AcronymsBetaine Calcium Chloride Dihydrate
BCCIUncategorized AcronymsBoard Of Control For Cricket In India - Bank Of Credit And Commerce International
BCCPChemistry AcronymsBiotin Carboxyl-carrier Protein
BCCTNASA AcronymsBreak Control Command Transducers
BCDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsBinary-coded Decimal
BCDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsBarcode Decal
BCDNASA AcronymsBinary Coded Decimal
BCDSCUBA Diving AcronymsBuoyancy Control Device
BCDUncategorized AcronymsBinary-Coded Decimal
BCDUS Army Acronyms (Official)Bad Conduct Discharge; Binary-Coded Decimal; Battlefield Coordination Detachment
BCDUS Army Acronyms (Slang) Birth Control Device. Refers To The Standard Issue Eyeglasses, Generally Known For Being Unstylish.
BCDComputer And Internet AcronymsBinary Coded Decimal
BCDFChemistry AcronymsB Cell Differentiation Factor
BCENASA AcronymsBackup Control Electronics
BCENASA AcronymsBus Control Element
BCEUncategorized AcronymsBanque Centrale Europ?enne - Battlefield Co-ordination Element - Before Common Era - British Columbia Electric Railway
BCERUncategorized AcronymsBritish Columbia Electric Railway
BCFChemistry AcronymsBulked Continuous-filament
BCFChemistry AcronymsBeneficiated Coal Fuel
BCFChemistry AcronymsBioconcentration Factor
BCFGUncategorized AcronymsPatchy Fog (METAR Code)
BCFSNASA AcronymsBackup Flight Control System
BCGChemistry AcronymsBacillus Calmette-Guerin
BCGAChemistry AcronymsBritish Compressed Gases Association
BCGFChemistry AcronymsB Cell Growth Factor
BCGSUS Army Acronyms (Slang)Birth Control Glasses; See BCD
BCHNASA AcronymsBinary Coded Hexadecimal
BCHNASA AcronymsBose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghen (Computer Code)
BCIRAChemistry AcronymsBritish Cast Iron Research Association
BCISUncategorized AcronymsBattlefield Combat Identification System
BCKAChemistry AcronymsBranched-chain Keto-acid
BCKDChemistry AcronymsBranched-chain Alpha-ketoacid Dehydrogenase
BCLAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsBattelle Columbus Laboratory
BCMChemistry AcronymsBond Charge Model (in Force Constants Calcn.)
BCMHuman Genome AcronymsBaylor College Of Medicine
BCMUS Military AcronymsBeyond Capability Of Maintenance
BCMAChemistry AcronymsB-cell Maturation Antigen
BCNNASA AcronymsBeacon
BCNUS Military AcronymsBeacon
BCNTFChemistry AcronymsBiofilm-Controlled Nitrifying Trickling Filter (for Wastewater Treatment)
BCNUChatting AcronymsBe Seeing You
BCNUSMS Chat And Text AcronymsBe Seeing You
BCNUText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsBe Seeing You
BCOChemistry AcronymsBounded Crystal Orbital
BCOEChemistry AcronymsBarrels Of Crude Oil Equivalent
BCOZText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsBecause
BCPChemistry AcronymsB-cell Precursor
BCPChemistry AcronymsBiphasic Calcium Phosphate
BCPChemistry AcronymsBromocresol Purple
BCPNASA AcronymsBase Condemnation Percent
BCPNASA AcronymsBenchmark Control Point
BCPBChemistry AcronymsBromochlorophenol Bluepar
BCPCChemistry AcronymsBritish Crop Protection Council
BCPCTChemistry AcronymsBest Conventional Pollutant Control Technology
BCPLUncategorized AcronymsBasic Combined Programming Language (progenitor Of C)
BCRChemistry AcronymsB Cell Receptors
BCRChemistry AcronymsBureau Communitaire De Reference (of The CEE = Commission Of European Communities
BCRChemistry AcronymsBubble Column Reactor
BCRNASA AcronymsBar Chart Report
BCRDNASA AcronymsBasic Consolidated Requirements Document
BCRLMChemistry AcronymsBending-corrected Rotating Linear Model (for Reactive Scattering)
BCRNMChemistry AcronymsBending Corrected Rotating Nonlinear Model
BCRTNASA AcronymsBinary Code Range Time
BCRUChemistry AcronymsBritish Committee On Radiation Units And Measurements
BCRWChemistry AcronymsBridge Contacted Ridge Waveguide
BCSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsBoeing Computer Services
BCSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsBardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer
BCSChemistry AcronymsBardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer
BCSChemistry AcronymsBragg Crystal Spectrometer
BCSChemistry AcronymsBritish Chemical Standard
BCSUncategorized AcronymsBardeen
BCSUS Military AcronymsBaseline Comparison System
BCSUS Military AcronymsBoeing Computer Services
BCS-CRMChemistry AcronymsBritish Chemical Standard-Certified Reference Material
BCSCChemistry AcronymsBuried Contact Solar Cell
BCSCOChemistry AcronymsBismuth Calcium Strontium Copper Oxide
BCSLNChemistry AcronymsBardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer-Lipkin-Nogami (model In Calcns. On Molecules With Quantum Field Theory)
BCSLN-HL(N)Chemistry AcronymsBardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer-Lipkin-Nogami-Heitler-London(n) (n Is Nth-order MBPT Starting From The Self-consistent HL Model)
BCTChemistry AcronymsBest Control Technology
BCTChemistry AcronymsBest Conventional Technology
BCTChemistry AcronymsBody Centered Tetragonal
BCTNASA AcronymsBus Configuration Table
BCTUncategorized AcronymsBrigade Combat Team

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