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BRTUS Military AcronymsBright
BRTText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsBe Right There
BRUUS Military AcronymsBoresight Reticle Unit
BRVChemistry AcronymsBubble Release Vacuum
BSChemistry AcronymsBackscattering Spectroscopy
BSChemistry AcronymsBreathing Sphere (approxn. In Mol.-scattering Calcns.)
BSMedical AcronymsBowel Sounds
BSNASA AcronymsBlock Specification
BSUncategorized AcronymsBosnian Language (ISO 639-1 Code)
BSUncategorized AcronymsThe Bahamas (ISO 3166 Digram) - Bassas Da India (FIPS 10-4 Territory Code) - Bachelor Of Science Degree - British Subject - Bullshit
BSText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsBig Smile
BSText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsBullsh*t
BSText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsBrain Strain
BS/SCFHuman Genome AcronymsBiological Sequence/Structure Computational Facility
BSAChemistry AcronymsBovine Serum Albumin
BSAChemistry AcronymsBreathing-sphere Approxn. (for Inelastic Mol. Collisions)
BSAMedical AcronymsBody Surface Area
BSAMedical AcronymsBody Surface Area
BSAUncategorized AcronymsBirmingham Small Arms (motorcycles Company) - Boy Scouts Of America - Brigade Support Area
BSAAWText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsBig Smile And A Wink
BSACAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsBiotechnology Science Advisory Committee
BSACSCUBA Diving AcronymsBritish Sub-Aqua Club
BSAFChemistry AcronymsBiota-to-sediment Accumulation Factor
BSBUS Army Acronyms (Official)Base Support Battalion
BSBD&NEText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsBook Smart, Brain Dead & No Experience
BSBLChemistry AcronymsBond Strength-bond Length (model Of Atom Abstraction Reaction)
BSCChemistry AcronymsBundle Sheath Cellpar
BSCNASA AcronymsBrake Skid Controller
BSCUS Govt. AcronymsBusiness Service Centers
BSCComputer And Internet AcronymsBase Station Controller
BSCCOChemistry AcronymsBismuth Strontium Calcium Copper Oxide
BSCOChemistry AcronymsBreak Specific Carbon Monoxide
BSCSHuman Genome AcronymsBiological Sciences Curriculum Study
BSDAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsBerkeley Software Distribution
BSDUncategorized AcronymsBahamian Dollar (ISO 4217 Currency Code) -Berkeley Software Distribution (distinct From BSoD)
BSDComputer And Internet AcronymsBerkeley Software (System) Distribution (Design)
BSD UNIXAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsBerkeley Software Distribution UNIX
BSDFChemistry AcronymsBidirectional Scatter Distribution Function
BSDIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsBerkeley Software Design
BSDPNASA AcronymsBooster Stage Discharge Pressure
BSEChemistry AcronymsBovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
BSEChemistry AcronymsBackscattering Electrons
BSEChemistry AcronymsBulk Silicate Earth
BSEMedical AcronymsBreast Self Examination
BSENASA AcronymsBooster Systems Engineer
BSEUncategorized AcronymsBovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
BSEFChemistry AcronymsBromine Science And Environmental Forum
BSEGText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsBig Sh*t Eating Grin
BSEMChemistry AcronymsBack Scattering Electron Microscopy
BSFChemistry AcronymsBack Surface Field (solar Cell Structure)
BSFChemistry AcronymsBelow Sea Floor
BSFUncategorized AcronymsBritish Standard Fine (screw Thread)
BSFText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsBut Seriously, Folks
BSFCChemistry AcronymsBreak Specific Fuel Consumption
BSGChemistry AcronymsBorosilicate Glass
BSHChemistry AcronymsBile Salt Hydrolase
BSHCChemistry AcronymsBreak Specific Unburned Hydrocarbons
BSIAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsBritish Standards Institute
BSIChemistry AcronymsBritish Standards Institute
BSIMedical AcronymsBodily Substance Isolation
BSINASA AcronymsBoeing Services International
BSINASA AcronymsBasic Shipping Instructions
BSLMedical AcronymsBlood Sugar Level
BSLUncategorized AcronymsBritish Sign Language
BSMChemistry AcronymsBreathing Shell Model
BSMNASA AcronymsBooster Separation Motor
BSMNASA AcronymsBooster Separation Motors
BSMBUncategorized AcronymsBritish Society For Matrix Biology
BSMLComputer And Internet AcronymsBiosequence Markup Language
BSNUncategorized AcronymsBachelor Of Science In Nursing
BSOChemistry AcronymsBrueckner Spin Orbitals
BSOChemistry AcronymsBasic Symmetric Operator (in Second-quantization Calculations)
BSOChemistry AcronymsBenzene Soluble Organics
BSOChemistry AcronymsBismuth Silicon Oxide
BSOChemistry AcronymsButhionine Sulfoximine
BSODUncategorized AcronymsBlue Screen Of Death (distinct From BSD)
BSODText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsBlue Screen Of Death
BSPChemistry AcronymsBone Sialoprotein
BSPUncategorized AcronymsBetween-Show Promotion - Binary Space Partitioning - Board Support Package - British Standard Pipe (screw Thread) -Business-sponsored - Bone Sialoprotein
BSPTChemistry AcronymsBlizzard Santry Perturbation Theory
BSQChemistry AcronymsBoson Second Quantization
BSRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsBudget Surplus Report
BSRAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsBus Select Relay
BSRChemistry AcronymsBottom Simulating Reflection
BSRNASA AcronymsBasic System Release
BSRNASA AcronymsBite Status Register
BSRMNASA AcronymsBooster Solid Rocket Motor
BSRNAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsBoulder Science Resource Network
BSRNAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsBaseline Surface Radiation Network
BSRSChemistry AcronymsBackward Stimulated Raman Spectrometry
BSRTChemistry AcronymsBiological Solids Retention Time
BSSChemistry AcronymsBackscattering Spectroscopy
BSSNASA AcronymsBackup System Services
BSSMedical Acronyms (Slang)Bilateral Samsonite Syndrome: Patient Admitted With Both Their Bags Packed In Preparation
BSSEChemistry AcronymsBasis-set Superposition Error
BSSECChemistry AcronymsBasis-set Superposition Error Correction
BSSRPChemistry AcronymsBasic Safety Standards For Radiation Protection
BSTChemistry AcronymsBarium Strontium Titanate
BSTChemistry AcronymsBovine Somatotropin
BSTUncategorized AcronymsBinary Search Tree - Blended Sales Tax -Bovine Somatotropin -British Summer Time

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