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ADAChemistry AcronymsN-(2-acetamido) Iminodiacetic Acid
ADAChemistry AcronymsAmerican Diabetes Association
ADAChemistry AcronymsN-(2-acetamido) Iminodiacetic Acid
ADAChemistry AcronymsAmerican Diabetes Association
ADAChemistry AcronymsN-(2-acetamido) Iminodiacetic Acid
ADAChemistry AcronymsAmerican Diabetes Association
ADAChemistry AcronymsN-(2-acetamido) Iminodiacetic Acid
ADAChemistry AcronymsAmerican Diabetes Association
ADAChemistry AcronymsAdenosine Deaminase
ADAChemistry AcronymsAdipic Acid
ADAHuman Genome AcronymsAmericans With Disabilities Act
ADAMedical AcronymsAmerican Diabetes Association
ADAUncategorized AcronymsAir Defence Artillery - American Dental Association - Assistant District Attorney - Americans With Disabilities Act (see Also The Similar But Non-acronymic Ada Programming Language)
ADAUS Govt. AcronymsAmericans With Disabilities Act Of 1990 (Text Of ADA Legislation)
ADAUS Military AcronymsAir Defense Artillery
ADAUS Military AcronymsAirborne Data Automation
ADAUS Military AcronymsName (not Acronym) Of High Level Computer Programming Language
ADAACAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsEOS Program
ADAACSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsAffiliated Distributed Active Archive Centers
ADADText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsAnother Day Another Dollar
ADAFChemistry AcronymsAdvection-dominated Accretion Flow
ADAGEUncategorized AcronymsAir Defense Air To Ground Engagement (simulation)
ADAMChemistry AcronymsAngular Distribution Auger Microscopy
ADAMChemistry AcronymsAverage Depleted Antarctic Meltwater
ADAMChemistry AcronymsA Disintegrin And Metalloprotease Domain
ADAPChemistry AcronymsAngular Distribution Of Annihilating Photons
ADAPUncategorized AcronymsAIDS Drug Assistance Program
ADAPTSChemistry AcronymsAir Deliverable Antipollution Transfer System
ADARDChemistry AcronymsAcid Deposition And Atmospheric Research Division
ADARSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsAircraft Data Acquisition And Recoding System
ADASChemistry AcronymsAcid Deposition Assessment Staff
ADASChemistry AcronymsAngular-dependent Auger Spectroscopy
ADASUncategorized AcronymsAsiago-DLR Asteroid Survey
ADATUncategorized AcronymsAlesis Digital Audio Tape (recording Format)
ADATPUncategorized AcronymsAutomated Data Processing
ADATSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsAutomated Data Acquisition And Transfer System
ADATSUncategorized AcronymsAgricultural Development And Training Society - Air Defence Anti-Tank System - Australian Defence Air Traffic System
ADBAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsApple Desktop Bus
ADBOrganizations AcronymsAsian Development Bank
ADBUncategorized AcronymsAsian Development Bank
ADBUS Govt. AcronymsAsian Development Bank
ADBComputer And Internet AcronymsApple Desktop Bus
ADBBText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsAll Done Bye Bye
ADCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsAnalog-to-digital Converter
ADCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsAffiliated Data Center
ADCAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsAuthorized Derivative Classifier
ADCChemistry AcronymsAnalog-to-digital Converter
ADCNASA AcronymsAffiliated Data Center
ADCUncategorized AcronymsAide De Camp - U.S. Air Defense Command (1946-1992) - Apple Display Connector - Program Against Digital Counterfeiting Of Currency
ADCUS Govt. AcronymsProgram Against Digital Counterfeiting Of Currency
ADCUS Military AcronymsAir Data Computer
ADCComputer Acronyms (Common)Analog-to-Digital Converter
ADCBusiness And FinanceAssociation Of District Councils
ADC(N)Chemistry AcronymsAlgebraic Diagrammatic Construction (method In Nth-order Perturbation Theory)
ADCAPUS Military AcronymsAdvanced Capability (mk 48 Torpedo)
ADCCChemistry AcronymsAntibody-dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity
ADCCPComputer And Internet AcronymsAdvanced Data Communications Control Protocol
ADCIChemistry AcronymsAmerican Die Casting Institute
ADCLChemistry AcronymsAccredited Dosimetry Calibration Laboratory
ADCLSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsAdvanced Data Collection And Location System
ADCPChemistry AcronymsAcoustic Doppler Current Profiler
ADCSUS Military AcronymsAirborne Data Collection System
ADCTD2UVText Language Acronyms And AbbreviationsAddicted To Love
ADCTSUncategorized AcronymsAdvanced Distributed Combat Training System
ADDUncategorized AcronymsAnalog Digital Digital (CD Quality) - Attention-Deficit Disorder - Administration On Developmental Disabilities
ADDUS Govt. AcronymsAdministration On Developmental Disabilities
ADDCChemistry AcronymsAmmonium Diethyldithiocarbamate
ADDEAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsAbstract Distributed Data Environment
ADDIEUncategorized AcronymsAnalyze Design Develop Implement And Evaluate
ADDLChemistry AcronymsAmyloid Beta-derived Diffusible Ligands
ADDNSUncategorized AcronymsAdvanced Deployable Day/Night Simulation
ADDRUS Military AcronymsAddress
ADDSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsAviation Digital Data Service
ADEChemistry Acronyms(thermal) Adsorption-desorption Equilibrium
ADEChemistry AcronymsAdverse Drug Event
ADEOSAstronomy AcronymsAdvanced Earth Observing Satellite
ADEOSAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsAdvanced Earth Observing Satelite
ADEOSChemistry AcronymsAdvanced Earth Observing Satellite
ADEOSNASA AcronymsAdvanced Earth Observing Mission
ADEOSSatellite Meterology AcronymsADvanced Earth Observing Satellite (Japan)
ADEPTAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsAlexandria Digital Earth Prototype
ADEPTChemistry AcronymsAntibody-directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy
ADESChemistry AcronymsAngle-dispersed Electron Spectroscopy
ADFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsAutomatic Direction Finding
ADFAtmospheric Research Center AcronymsAdvanced Development Facility
ADFChemistry AcronymsActin-Depolymerizing Factor
ADFChemistry AcronymsAcid Detergent Fiber
ADFChemistry AcronymsAdult T-cell Leukemia-derived Factor
ADFChemistry AcronymsAnnular Dark-field
ADFUncategorized AcronymsAustralian Defence Force - African Development Foundation
ADFUS Govt. AcronymsAfrican Development Foundation
ADFUS Military AcronymsAutomatic Direction Finder
ADFComputer Acronyms (Common)Automatic Document Feeder
ADFRFAstronomy AcronymsAmes-Dryden Flight Research Facility
ADGIXAChemistry AcronymsAngular-dependent Glancing-incidence X-ray Analysis
ADHChemistry AcronymsAlcohol Dehydrogenase (reg: 9031-72-5)
ADHChemistry AcronymsAntidiuretic Hormone
ADHMedical AcronymsAntidiuretic Hormone
ADHDChemistry AcronymsAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
ADHDUncategorized AcronymsAttention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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